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The Journal of Law and Corruption Review (published by ALUMNI IN) aims to provide a platform for scholarly discourse and analysis at the intersection of law and corruption. It recognizes the significant challenges posed by corruption in societies worldwide and seeks to contribute to the understanding, prevention, and eradication of corruption through legal perspectives.

At its core, the journal delves into the multifaceted nature of corruption, encompassing various legal, political, social, and economic dimensions. Corruption, as a global phenomenon, poses significant challenges to the rule of law, governance, and the functioning of institutions across nations. Journal of Law and Corruption Review addresses these challenges through a diverse range of articles, commentaries, case studies, and policy analyses.

The journal's editorial board comprises distinguished scholars, legal experts, and practitioners from around the world. Their collective expertise ensures that the content published in Journal of Law and Corruption Review maintains a high standard of quality, academic rigor, and relevance to contemporary issues in the field. Moreover, the journal adheres to a double-blind peer-review process, ensuring impartial evaluation and providing constructive feedback to authors.

Journal of Law and Corruption Review covers a wide array of topics related to corruption and law, such as the legal frameworks and mechanisms to combat corruption, the role of international organizations in addressing corruption, the impact of corruption on economic development, and the challenges of prosecuting corrupt individuals and entities. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research that draws on fields like economics, sociology, political science, and public administration to gain a comprehensive understanding of corruption's underlying dynamics.

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Vol. 6 (2024): In Progress - Continuos publication
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Published: 2024-02-24


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